Mother Calling Earth

As the year enters her final phase and the days continue their longer and warmer growth in the Southern Hemisphere, one cannot help but to think, given the unpredictable fluxes we are having in temperatures at the moment, the state of the environs in which we live, and the overall mental state of the population on a whole, that we as a race of people have got it very, very wrong.  Physically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually, financially, and most important of all, environmentally.

Original painting by TEZART.BEEP.COM

Original painting by TEZART.BEEP.COM

Humans as a race automatically lay claim to the Earth; as a planet, as our home; as our rightful possession because we live here; yet through all the histories and the mythologies, in the bible, indeed, in every piece of information one can source regarding the beginnings of the human race, our role as a people is clearly defined; Humans are here as Caretakers of Earth.  The Human Race have been granted the gift of a multi-life sustaining, self-functioning, completely self-sustaining eco-system to not only enjoy the fruits there-of, but to maintain it’s natural balance and order and work within this system in order to have themselves a self-sustaining, happy and fruitful existence.

It is the task of the Human Race to ensure that all that has been supplied by the Earth for their own benefit, flourishes, builds and expands in the natural cycle of life in which all things upon the Earth have been placed.  Instead, we, as a race, have, and continue, little by little, to destroy the Earth as we know it, along with all her natural eco and life support systems.

It is not difficult to imagine a Human biological life support system overlayed and intertwined throughout the Earth.  It is no different, just bigger; a macrocosm of the human body.

When a human respiratory, circulatory or muscular system is blocked, inhibited, damaged, or completely or even partially destroyed or removed, that human loses some form of function, has their life expectancy shortened, or, in extreme cases, the person will die, slowly or instantly, pending the severity of damage caused.  The earth is no different.  From the smallest grain of sand and the tiniest bio-micro-organism, to the oldest, tallest tree and most vast expanse of ocean; every single organ is interconnected and defined in such a way as that each particle, each organism, every single natural aspect of the planet is intertwined, interlinked and interdependent on every other part of it’s expansive body.  Interfere, delete or damage one part of the earth, and every other aspect must adapt in order for that body to continue functioning in the manner in which it was designed to do.

The planet earth is life-seeking.  It, like the human body, but with so much more fervour and spirit, will do whatever it must in order to maintain, and re-attain, the natural balance and order which defines it as a living body.

Life was never meant to be as we have created it for ourselves as a race of people.  We have taken it upon ourselves to destroy, re-structure and re-define the planet for our own self-stated form and definition of sustainability.

We as a race of beings invented money as a means for a small section of humanity to maintain control over the broader sector of the population and subsequently ensured that only those who have it may survive in a world which has become solely focused on finance as a means to survival.  Nature has not and will not ever recognise or cater to the sustainability of a plastic, paper, coin or computerised ‘monetary system’ as means to ensuring the survival of, either herself, or the Human race.

In order to maintain and build this ‘financial empire’; which we have convinced ourselves and each other that we are dependent upon for our survival as a race; we rape, maul and pillage the very Mother which gave and continues to gives us life.  We mine her belly and rip out her guts, destroying miles upon miles of her natural biological and self-sustaining and self-reliant systems; we alter the natural make-up of her flesh, her blood and her limbs through environmental and biological experimentation.  We fill her respiratory systems with poisonous gases from our genius creations of convenience, and flood her circulatory system with the sludge and effuse that is our waste.  This not being enough for the Human race who have yet failed to see the pending conclusion to this process, we  then find greater ways in which to make more money by mining more materials in order to build greater genius creation of convenience, but this time, creations which destroy each other, in order – it is claimed – to maintain the financial empire we are reliant upon for our survival, whilst at the same time, using these very creations to kill each other.  Where-in, one must ask one-self, lies the natural, life sustaining logic in the thinking of humanity as a race?  It doesn’t exist and until this is rectified, humanity will continue to fail to learn the very basics required in order to sustain themselves; on this planet and within this world as a whole; as a living, thriving people.

To maintain life, we must live life as it was meant to be lived; in, with, within and for and in favour, first and foremost of Mother Nature and the living body upon which our survival is dependent. The Earth itself, in all her glorious, overwhelming, frightening, beautiful, oftentimes devastating and fickle ways is the key to the survival of the human race.  There is no point seeking out new worlds when we have clearly failed to prove we can maintain the one we’ve already been granted.  If the Earth were a child and the Human Race it’s parents, it would have long since been removed from our care.

We are here as a race of people to care-take the Earth.  We do not OWN the Earth, it is not our possession, it is not OUR Earth.  It is one of many, many planets revolving in an ever vast expanse of many, many planetary systems in an entire universe of worlds.

If we do not cease living the unrealistic and wrongly defined existence we have created for ourselves and return to living a life that is supportive of nature itself, living within and as a part of nature in every aspect of our lives, we will lose the world and the life we have.  There will come a day, when Mother nature will lift her weary, and badly battered head, stretch with the pain we have caused her body to bear, and scream, ENOUGH!  The Human Race will be forced to adapt, or be assimilated and destroyed as the foreign and harmful body we are, as Mother Nature asserts her own natural biological defences. Those who are granted reprieve, by Mother Nature, if indeed any of us are or should be granted such, will be forced to start all over again.

Nature meanwhile, will quietly and slowly revert to her natural state once more, there being no more mining corporations, oil drills, harmful gasses, biological experimental labs; indeed nothing at all remaining on the Earth to hinder her natural, biological flow and growth systems.  Nature will always find it’s own balance.  As a race, we can work against that, or choose to work with her; as we were designed to do; to ensure the prevention of a battle, instigated by mankind against nature, in which mankind will ultimately be it’s own destroyer by it’s very neglect of the only thing which is keeping it alive.

The human race are spamming, cramming, and hacking Mother Nature’s natural systems in order to get everything they can, as quickly as they can, out of her, for a selfish, un-natural purpose that she, as a natural body and entity was never designed for or tasked to do.  Presently she is in the untenable position of undergoing and building towards a complete system overload and given the wrong button pressed at the wrong time by some mal-intentioned moron with no idea of how she works or why, she will, without any doubt, undergo a full system scan and analysis and having done such will automatically initiate a complete systems recovery.  The Human Race will no longer exist as we know it and will be forced to press RESTART.  And this time – get it right.

The Earth is not reliant upon the Human race, it will live on, regardless of our existence and long after we have departed.  The Human Race, however, cannot, and will not function or survive without her.

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