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Book Making Boot Camp!

Get Your Book Booty On! You’ve always wanted to do it, but never quite got around to it, huh?  It’s every artist and photographer’s lament… getting your works compiled into a professional looking… Continue reading

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A Writer Writes To Be Read!

FIVE KEY ELEMENTS TO BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL WRITER A few words of writing wisdom from the Telling Tales Temptress herself, Adult Authoress Anika King!  For a writer there is no such thing as a bad… Continue reading

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What Causes Eyestrain One of the biggest complaints for those who use computers for so many hours a day or those who watch a great deal of television is sore, tight or ‘gluggy’ eyes,… Continue reading

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Mother Calling Earth

As the year enters her final phase and the days continue their longer and warmer growth in the Southern Hemisphere, one cannot help but to think, given the unpredictable fluxes we are having in… Continue reading

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HOW TO: Change Desktop background

BACK TO BASICS Yes, yes it’s basic, but there a newcomers to the cyberworld every single day ~ remember that! HOW TO CHANGE YOUR DESKTOP BACKGROUND Click START   >>   Select CONTROL PANEL   >> … Continue reading

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Planet Earth: We’re Doomed.

It is Christmas in the year 2010.  The Southern Hemisphere soaks up the rays whilst the Northern Hemisphere moves “half way out of the darkness“, as The good Doctor would say.  Midnight passes… Continue reading

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If there is one thing that grates my nerves a little more than others when visiting or living in a smaller, regional town, it is the small mindedness that seems to come with… Continue reading

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David Campbell MP ~ Stepping Out

In a country where personal liberty, freedom of speech and tolerance to alternative lifestyle and are proclaimed to be at the fore of the Australian ethos, it is somewhat surprising to find that David Campbell’s choice of night spot relaxation should cause the furore it has…

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Few to none give pause to the thought of having been granted an alternative life; a life where fate herself has handed you the opportunities of the man who stands side by side with you, but whom you view with distaste or distain, simply because he has not. What would you do had you been given his beginnings instead of your own?

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