The Earth Is Tilting

“The weather isn’t changing, the world’s just turning all wrong…!”


 'Sky Tilt' © Teazy-D 2013

‘Sky Tilt’ © Teazy-D 2013

A musing that was voiced aloud, which has stuck in our minds here at Tezi Magazine.

After an initial chuckle we paused to wonder… what if it were true?

The mere thought of the impact which such an event would have (the earth tilting on its axis, even slightly); if it has happened and continues to happen, both upon the earth itself and humanity as a whole; is a little more than frightening.

Is the world tilting a little off centre? It certainly would explain a lot… would it not…? We have, after all, been having some rather odd–and extreme–weather conditions the world over of late.

Perhaps it isn’t just ‘climate changes’. Perhaps, just perhaps that is the simple and logical explanation which to date has been overlooked… or kept from us: The Earth Has Tilted.

Scary thought huh?

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