It’s RU OK day today!

Time to pick up that phone!  There’s always some excuse as to why you shouldn’t can’t or simply won’t go that extra mile and just dial that little number to check on an old mate or long-forgotten relative, or just to say thanks for being there to someone who was actually there just when you needed them.  Step over your discomfort–or perhaps it is just sheer laziness–and make the effort to say thank-you and “Are You Okay mate?” on R U OK Day!  And if you’re lucky enough to be a Virgin Mobile subscriber, they’re not charging for any voice calls today so that all of their members can do exactly that–at no cost to themselves.  SO there really is NO EXCUSE!!!

Pick up that phone and let your nearest and dearest know that they’re not alone! xxx

RU OK Day is supported by Virgin Mobile, Hungry Jacks and Bristow. You can read more about how and why it came about on the RU OK non-for-profit organisation website.Virgin Mobile,

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