HELP! I’m Stuck In My Header!

Header & FooterWhat is A Header and Footer?

The Header and Footer are blank sections at the top of word processing screen pages. These are not visible unless you open them by using your menu options or by double clicking where they lay hidden. They are used to place text at the top or bottom of your pages.  Any text written in here will appear in a lighter coloured font at the top or bottom every page of your written work. Headers and Footers are a good way to copyright each page of your writing for submission or to mark your pages with identifiers and page numbers in case they are lost or separated after printing.

For example, you may need the title of your article, story or essay and/or your name to appear at the top of every page and a page number at the bottom of every page. You would open your header, type in your name and title of your work, then open your footer and insert page numbers. 

How To Insert Page Numbers into Footers and Headers

To insert page numbers into a Header or Footer, simply click on either your Header or Your Footer.  Select INSERT in your top menu bar, then click Page Numbers.  The system will automatically insert consecutive page numbers in the same place on every page.

How Do I Write In Headers and Footers?

Double click in the top or bottom blank sections of your word processing page. Alternatively you can use this simple procedure to get into your Header and Footer sections;

Select VIEW (in your top menu bar) >> Click Header and Footer. It will open the Headers and Footers for you.

Stuck in your Header (or Footer) and can’t get out?

Use the exact same procedure in reverse, or simply move your cursor to anywhere on your page between the Header and Footer and double-click to return to your text page.

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