Your Website, Your Way! (Part 1)

Your Website, Your Way!

(Part 1)

The singular most frustrating thing when purchasing a domain name through WordPress; with the excited intention of turning the free WordPress Blog into a professional looking Website; is the ever-present ‘Leave A Reply / Comment’ bar. This section automatically appears at the bottom of every Post–and most frustratingly, every Page of one‘s website and let‘s face it, is an absolute bane to all newly paid up website owners who use

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On ‘Posts‘ themselves, this Comment section is not such a bad thing, however comments running across the bottom of every ‘Page’ (such as Contact, About and other Information pages) simply looks untidy and worse–unprofessional.

Splashed all over the web are all manner of ways and methods advising how to switch this ‘Leave A Reply’ section off. Most of these so-called solutions are inefficient, work only partially, don’t work at all, need plug-ins, advise the purchase of upgrades, or require a basic knowledge of CSS and other deep and meaningful website building skills; which let’s face it, most who utilise in the initial instant do so because they don’t possess these skills!

If you are one of these folk, fear not!  Once you have purchased a domain name, the ’Leave A Comment’ section can be very simply and selectively switched off on any individual ‘Page’ or ‘Post‘.

Turn Off Comments On Individual Posts & Pages:

When initially setting up a new ‘Post’ or web ‘Page‘ and it is ready to Publish, DON’T publish it, rather, SAVE it to DRAFTS.

Having done this, now go into ‘Drafts’ and hover over the bottom of the Post or Page upon which you wish to turn off the ‘Leave A Reply/Comment’ section. You will see listed here the options of ‘edit’, ‘quick edit’, ‘trash’ etc.

Select ‘Quick Edit’ >> On the right hand-side you will now see ’tick boxes’ for ’Allow Comments’ and ’Allow Pings’ >> Un-click ’Allow Comments’ >> click ’Update’.

The ‘Leave A Reply / Comment’ will now NOT appear on your published Post or Page.

To Publish the draft Page or Post, simply click on it to edit as normal and when you are happy select ‘Publish’. (Don’t forget to ensure it is re-set to today’s publishing date and time if it is an older ‘draft’ Post and you want it to appear as your latest Post: ‘Edit“ the ‘Publish On‘ date at top right before selecting ‘Publish‘)

Turn Off Comments On Published Posts & Pages:

To switch off comments on already published Posts or Pages, simply follow the below instructions;

Go to Dashboard >> Select Pages (or Posts) >> Select All Pages (or Posts) >> Quick Edit >> Un-click ‘Allow Comments’ >> Click Update Button.

Remove Published Comments from Previously Published Posts & Pages:

Be aware than switching Comments off on already published Pages and Posts does not delete previously published Comments; you will have to do this manually yourself.

To remove already posted comments on previously published Posts or Pages simply go into comments, type the title of the Post or Page in the Search bar (top right), hover just below the title and select ‘delete’ Comment on each Post or Page.

If you experience any problems or have any queries, just leave a Comment below!

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Editors Note:  Due to the popularity of this piece; ‘Your Website, Your Way!’ and numerous requests for more information of this kind, we are now developing this feature into a four piece series of articles which we hope will be of great assist to you all; particularly those of you looking to build an online presence for very little or at no expense to yourselves!

We will link this article and each article in the series to its component articles as each new piece in the series is published!

Check back here for more!  Cheers, Teazy-D!

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