Book Making Boot Camp!

Get Your Book Booty On!

You’ve always wanted to do it, but never quite got around to it, huh?  It’s every artist and photographer’s lament… getting your works compiled into a professional looking book and getting that book out there for the world to see!

It’s a daunting task, when one first approaches getting a book published, but it isn’t as daunting as you think and with Blurb‘s quick video guide to getting it done, you can do it yourself, in your own way, without all the time-consuming fuss, stress, repeated rejections and long-term editing, discussions and feedback chats involved with getting a professional publisher to produce your work for you.  It can be a headache and often-times disheartening, with delays that drive one mad to the point of distraction!  You just want to get your work out there!


Well now you can!  As the expression goes; ‘A picture paints a thousands words’, but in today’s parlance, ‘A 3 minute online video paints a thousand words’!  Follow this quick Blurb Bookmaking ‘Boot Camp’ to get you started and get your book out there!  And as a special bonus… Save 20% on photobooks when you make your book!  And a super special offer for NEW customers to BLURB; Save 25% on your photobooks!

Just watch the video above, pop back and click the word links included for you to get you started straight away & take advantage of the discount deals on offer.

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