ART TALK  Talking about art!

ARTISTS   Works by new and emerging artists.

ARTWORKS  Artwork we love and delight in promoting!

ARTICLES & FEATURES  Non-fiction features, vast and various are the subject matter!

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HEALTHY HABITS  Simple tips and advice for preventing potential health problems and simple aids to maintaining good health.

INTERVIEWS  TE-Zine talks with… ?  It may be YOU next.

TE-ZINE TQ!  TE-ZINE TQ!  TE-Zine TWENTY QUESTIONS ~ All manner of professionals across all manner of industires in just Twenty Questions!




BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!   If it looks like a book, sounds like a book, smells like a book, or mentions a book – it will be in here… somewhere!  We love our little companions; we read them, buy them, sell them and collect them!

BOOK REVIEWS  TE-ZINE  fiction and non-fiction book reviews.

AUTHORS  TE-ZINE takes a quick peep at scribes of all kinds.

NEW WRITERS!  Published books by emerging and newly published authors!


COLUMNS  All columnists & columns are linked under this heading

LADY OPINE  Columnist Lady Opine is an opinionated miss with alternative views on absolutely anything and everything!

ON THE BUSES  Snippets and snatches of idle gossip caught On The Buses ; A little humour from Lady Opine ~ Oh Ye Gods!

COMICS  All about comics!  We love them, we read them, we collect them and if you’ve created one, we want to hear about yours!

DIVINATION   The art of reading that which is right in front of you.  Find the hidden messages in your day to day doings.

EROTIC & NAUGHTY THINGS!   A general erotica section: If it is referenced, linked to or mentions erotica in any form, it will be filed in here!

CARNAL DELIGHTS  As above & then some!  If it’s erotic and titillatingly delightful, it will be here!

FICTION  A little of this, a little of that.  You will find all fiction published in TE-ZINE here.

FILM & TV  TE-ZINE reviews films, television & television series.  We cast both light and shadow over the industry!


FOOD FOOD FOOD!  If it’s about food, you will find it here!

FORMULA ONE  We’re F1 freaks at fanatics here!  How about you?

GAMES  Anything TE-ZINE has to say about games of all sorts you will find here.

LATEST LAUNCHES  The latest launches as they come in… a first look at all the newest books, art & publications by us and others.

LEGAL EAGLE   A few basics to help sort those tricky little legal problems we, us and co. have encountered!

COPYRIGHT  If it pertains to copyright issues, you’ll find it here.  Got Copyright queries of your own?  Do leave a comment and we’ll hunt down the answer for you.

LETTERS  Your letters sent to us, public letters and other notations of interest.



MAGAZINES  Magazine other than our own which we mention and or love!

MISHKA SAYS  Mishka the pussycat is TE-ZINE’s mascot.  Final copy of all TE-ZINE drafts must be approved by Mishka.  It is TEZI lore!

PUSSY HELPS  For the pussycat lovers!  Where would we be without our familiar little companions to help us on our way…?

MOON PHASES  It is what it says it is; if it pertains to mother moon, you shall find it herein!

MOTHER NATURE  Her beauty, her terror, her love, her strength… If it’s all about nature, it will be here at length!

MUSINGS  TE_ZINE turns it’s face skywards and ponders the meaning of life.

NEW AGE  Esoteric, mysterious, mythological… it’s all in here.


PAINTING TIPS  For the artists; hints and tips to splash paint around a little more messily, readily and cheapily.



PHOTOGRAPHY BITS  Snapshots & snippets on photography.


POLITICAL  The good, the bad or the downright insane, if it tweaks our interest, it will be mentioned in here.





PUBLICATIONS  Published works by talented authors; new, emerging and established.

Publishing  Publishing, self publishing, anything about publishing will be listed here.

Self Publishing  All about self publishing and recommended self publishing sites.

REVIEWS  Exactly what it says it is, be it product, film, music, book or people reviews; all under one REVIEW umbrella.


TEZI-WORDS   TE-ZINE Crosswords and word puzzles.


TECH-TIPS  Those electronic and electrical little gremlins that need Macguiver-like intervention.  Oh the frustration!  It mayhap help…?

BACK TO BASICS  It is all too easy to forget – we all began somehwhere!  Beginner basics on computers and technical troubles!

COMPUTERS  If it’s in a computer, on a computer or about a computer and we’ve been through it, or know someone who has, it will be mentioned here!

WINDOWS 7  TE-Zine uses Windows7 Home Premium so we know some of it’s frustrations it offers; if we’ve ‘Maguivered’ a solution of our own to any problem we’ve encountered, it will be here!

TERRIFIC TIPS   Handy hints and tips for all sorts of things!


WITCHCRAFT   For the crafty ones of like mind; a new addition which we shall be expanding on in the near future!

WRITING on WRITING   Snippets for writers about writing and writers; writing about writing and writing about writing about writing, in fact!

VERILY VIGNETTES   Little fiction nuggets to accompany a quickie coffee or smoko snack time.  Relax and take your mind off it all!

EROTIC FICTION  A little naughtiness for the more mature readers!  (18 years + please!)

Quotes & Quips!  Exactly that.  TEZI’s own quotes and those plucked from sources other-where!

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