Painting Like The Masters!

A wee golden nugget from Tezart….!

If the old masters can paint by candlelight, one can work under two sixty watt bulbs…surely…?? 

Necessity is the mother of things magnificent… and by jove it worked! 

Golden Girl is wonderfully – well – Golden! Erotic Art

‘Golden Girl’ in progress, painted by Tezart

‘Twas a miserable day, cold and cloudy; the natural light source for painting was dreadful so one was rather forced to revert to electric lighting which is always annoying during daylight hours!  Having no patience for the much touted ‘I can’t paint unless everything is perfect’ nonsense, we cracked on and in so doing discovered the much sought after secret as to how the master painters of old getting their works so vibrant; dull lighting!  (Of course they painted by candlelight and not beneath the dull glow of a sixty watt bulb!)

Of course the following day was a wondrously sunny, warm and bright day… which was such a nuisance as the painting had to continue beneath the gaze of full natural light… where it originally began… Indeed, we some of us are just never satisfied!  The painting is complete and available for purchase through Saatchi Gallery!

Tezi-Mag’s Editor-in-Chief Little Mishka oversaw every stroke, as always, of course!

The hard days labour ended with home-made mash & mushy creamy soup, a cheesy melt and a nice glass of Shiraz Cabernet…




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