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Rede or Read…? The Signs!

I woke this morning, stumbled sleepy-eyed to the dining room, pulled back the curtains on the back sliding door that opens onto the back veranda and was greeted by the most gorgeous vision… Continue reading

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The issue of distraction when logging on to the internet is something we all battle; it is a particular bane for writers!  Author Annika King shares an abundance of ideas on how to… Continue reading

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The Earth Is Tilting

“The weather isn’t changing, the world’s just turning all wrong…!”   A musing that was voiced aloud, which has stuck in our minds here at Tezi Magazine. After an initial chuckle we paused… Continue reading

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Mother Calling Earth

As the year enters her final phase and the days continue their longer and warmer growth in the Southern Hemisphere, one cannot help but to think, given the unpredictable fluxes we are having in… Continue reading

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Whilst so-ever the leviathan of the sea lives, so too dost man. It is written in the Mythologies.  Perseus and his men were hungry – they hunted the whale… The Sea God Poseidon blew… Continue reading

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Lady Beetle Blessing

Whilst sitting amidst the Geraniums on this beautiful breezy morn,  A green and gold Lady Beetle my painting did adorn! As a very great believer in the omens; particularly those provided Mother Nature… Continue reading

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Planet Earth: We’re Doomed.

It is Christmas in the year 2010.  The Southern Hemisphere soaks up the rays whilst the Northern Hemisphere moves “half way out of the darkness“, as The good Doctor would say.  Midnight passes… Continue reading

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