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Mother Calling Earth

As the year enters her final phase and the days continue their longer and warmer growth in the Southern Hemisphere, one cannot help but to think, given the unpredictable fluxes we are having in… Continue reading

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Whilst so-ever the leviathan of the sea lives, so too dost man. It is written in the Mythologies.  Perseus and his men were hungry – they hunted the whale… The Sea God Poseidon blew… Continue reading

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Government Audit…

A little musing… The Australian Government is constantly trying to interfere with business in order to control it; yet, if the Government itself was audited and tax was completely removed from the equation, we… Continue reading

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Decomissioned Warships as Refugee Bays

The recently retired HMAS Adelaide has today made her final journey from Sydney Harbour to the Central Coast, following much controversy about her sinking. Much to the horror and absolute objections of many… Continue reading

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Speed Zoning for Medical Facilities

OPEN LETTER FORWARDED TO:  Australian Transport Safety Bureau | Mr Peter Foley, Gen. Manager ATSB | | Mr Rex Hoy, Safe Work Australia | Roads and Traffic Authority, Australia | Department of Infrastructure and… Continue reading

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2 Million Dollar Love Bundle!

If you’re planning on getting married in NSW Australia – do it today… or any day within twelve months from now!  The NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has wavered the $45 AUD fee in… Continue reading

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With reference to the recent major flooding in Australia and in Queensland in particular… All the current Government has done by introducing a proposed levy increase as a result of these floods is to… Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Food – Why? I recently bought a cucumber. It was an ordinary, everyday green cucumber. It sat in the fridge happily for three days. My fridge struggled in the midsummer heat… Continue reading

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Governments Govern, NOT Dictate!

“‘Tis the voice of the people which will silence a government who will not listen…” (c.)tahala 2010

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David Campbell MP ~ Stepping Out

In a country where personal liberty, freedom of speech and tolerance to alternative lifestyle and are proclaimed to be at the fore of the Australian ethos, it is somewhat surprising to find that David Campbell’s choice of night spot relaxation should cause the furore it has…

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