What is Blurb!?

Blurb is an online publishing resource available to those looking to self publish.  Be it your memoirs, adult fiction, a children’s book, a photographic holiday journal, wedding album or the family cookbook, Blurb has a multitude of book sizes and formats for any aspiring author, artist or photographer wishing to make a solid collection of their work.  Buy one copy to ‘lock it in’; thus ensuring it will appear in the Blurb Bookstore.  From here you can post your efforts anywhere online with a link back to your book for anyone the world over to buy it. 

 How to purchase books on Blurb.

In order to purchase books directly from Blurb all buyers and book makers need to open a basic Blurb account, which is safe, secure–and free!  Purchases can be made  on Blurb via Paypal or credit card.

If your potential customers don’t wish to open a blurb account in order to purchase your self-published books, simply ensure your email is made available on your own blurb account and let your buyers know they may purchase directly from you by emailing you for an invoice.

Make An Invoice?

There are many out there who are very security conscious and still prefer the ‘old ways’ of purchasing goods and services, without giving out their personal details online to every company known to mankind.  These people are easily catered to with the good old fashioned use of a personalised invoice.  An invoice can be forwarded from Paypal directly to a customer’s email, payable via Paypal or credit card.  (You only need a basic, free Paypal account in order to do this).  You may like to make other ‘old fashioned’ payment options available also, such as bank transfer/direct deposit or cheque.  Once you have received the funds from your buyer (and they have cleared!), simply post their order to them directly from your own Blurb account by changing the ‘addressee’ details.  No fuss.

Get Published Now! 

Why wait years for just one publisher to finally accept your work, then another year for it to be printed and hit the massive reader market out there when you can format, publish and print it yourself, all from the comfort of your own home, using your own PC!

Worried it won’t look professional?   Blurb books are fully bound, of a high quality print with soft and hard cover options.  All books are automatically printed with the Blurb Logo, but if this concerns you, you can simply remove it and replace it with your own.  You don’t need to be heavily skilled in formatting, design, or have any publishing knowledge to use Blurb.  Their ‘drop, drag & insert’ image system is simple to use and they offer pre-formatted books for you to simply drop your stuff into.  You can produce a full colour, glossy photographic book in a matter of hours and have it on its way to the printers while you sip your second coffee.  7-28 days later your book will arrive, securely packaged, via fed ex.  Try it.  You just might like it!

Make A Book On Blurb

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