Night Sky Monopoly!

Love the night sky?  Love space?  Love Monopoly too?  

night sky monopoly

Then all your gaming dreams will come to life with this Monopoly: Night Sky Edition !

Monopoly: Night Sky Edition – Buy Now $49.99

from: Puzzle Master

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Can’t locate the Big Dipper? No worries! The Night Sky Edition Monopoly Game is the perfect introduction to a lifetime of cosmic exploration and enjoyment, MONOPOLY-style!  Enjoy the thrill of risk-taking, deal-making and own it all as you vie for comets, planets, nebulae, star clusters and even galaxies. Buy, sell and trade Hercules Cluster, Venus, Saturn and Andromeda Galaxy…they’re yours for the taking.

The game comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens: Meade Telescope, Radio Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Observatory, Meade Binoculars and Mars Rover. 

Suitable for Ages 8+.  2-6 players.   

Contents:  Game Board, Title Deed cards, Night Sky Money and Bankers Tray, 32 Scope Sheds, 12 Observatories, Mars and Moon Cards, Rules, 6 Pewter Tokens, 2 Dice. 

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