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“…Time it was and what a time it was, it was…

A time of innocence… A time of confidences…

Long ago it must be, I have a photograph…

Preserve your memories…

They’re all that’s left you…”

“BOOKENDS”, Lyrics, Simon & Garfunkel.

It is indeed a rare thing nowadays to find any publisher who has not folded to the current on-line trend of turning our paperback friends which are such a comfort and whom we treasure so dearly into cold, intangible, electronic ‘e-books’, whilst phasing out our old ‘paperback friends’.  Dwindling seem to be the outlets who still wish to produce those good old-fashioned paper treasures one can hold in the hand and pass on down through generations to come.  They are still out there.

In a day and age where everything is going viral and everybody is turning electronic this, and ‘faster than the speed of light’ that, it is always wonderful to find people out there who are maintaining the old ways and keeping up those traditions of producing and promoting durable products which last a lifetime and beyond.

NLB BooksInc is a cosy little publishing nook which specialises in publishing and promoting artistic, erotic and unusual subject specific books.  They produce high standard, beautifully bound, professional quality books – and what is more, they can provide a personal formatting and bookmaking service to create your very own book for you!

Whether you are a writer, a photographer, painter or comic book artist seeking to have your work put into print, NLB Books Inc’s one on one bookmaking and formatting service gives creative professionals the readily accessible opportunity have their very own book compiled, formatted and published to professional standard.

Have no idea where to start or what to do?  Tell them what your aim is, what your thoughts are and they will work with you to create the book you desire.  You may wish to create a masterpiece for public sale, or simply one big book of a lifetime of work or memories to place in your own private collection.

Unlike most publishing outlets, NLB Books Inc gives those rare and special gems which mainstream publishers often overlook or avoid, the opportunity to be developed into professionally presented books for private collections or public sale.

NLB Books format and editing service is all about your book, your way, at a pace that suits you and when it’s ready to hit the bookshelves, their print on demand service allows you to order just a single copy or make many thousands of copies available via their international distributor  Whatever you need and whatever your budget allows; they can help you.

Preserve your memories, publish your own novel, design a photo journal, turn your many articles into a magazine or compile your paintings into one massive portfolio… whatever it is you wish to do, NLB Books Inc’s personal book making and formatting service provides you with all the support, skills and expertise required to launch your very own professional-quality book into the international marketplace.

Preserve your memories or create that masterpiece you’ve been musing on for a decade; get your book underway today with NLB Books Inc.!

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NLB Books Inc

  • All NLB books are able to be ordered through any regular bookstore or online book seller.
  • All books can be made available for worldwide order and distribution.
  • Any book published through NLB Books Inc. can be given it’s own internationally recognised ISBN (free).


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