How To Fix Broken Ethernet Internet Connection

If your internet (ethernet) connection is not working, try the below advice before spending a fortune on a pc fix it person!

internet connection cable

The ethernet socket (plug) on our emachines E640G was not working.   Both the green and orange light on each side of the plug flashed when the cord was plugged in.  The cord didn’t register as plugged in on the router either – but did flash intermittently and the computer continued to attempt connection to the internet.   The cord was tested on another laptop and it worked fine on that one.  The conclusion therefore was that it must have been the actual ethernet socket/plug on the laptop which was not working.   We visited  website and clicked on their support page.  The suggestion was to look at this page first:



To resolve your connection issue, you need to set the Speed/Duplex settings of the network card to a fixed value.  DON’T PANIC.  It’s easy.


The cause is a failing negotiation between the network card and modem router for the speed of data transfer to be used.


Check whether all the cables are connected properly and are in good shape, for example no sharp bends or ruptured shielding,

and then test your connection. If the problem persists, change the Speed/Duplex settings.  Here’s how:

1.Click Start, then right-click My Computer (or Computer) and click Manage.
2.In the Computer Management window, on the left, click Device Manager.
3.Click the + sign in front of Network Adapters. The section will expand and show the network adapters installed in your system.

4.Double-click the wired network card, it typically contains Ethernet Controller. A dialogue box will show with the device settings.

5.Click the Advanced tab.
6.Locate and select the setting Speed/Duplex settings.
7.From the drop down-list that appears choose one of the available settings, but do not use the setting Auto or Auto-Negotiate. For example, use 100Mbit half-duplex. (or other setting other than Auto/Auto-Negotiate)
8.Click OK till all windows are closed.
9. Restart your computer, plug in your ethernet cord and test your connection.

NB: If one setting doesn’t work – try another.  Try each one until you find a setting that does work.  REMEMBER  to restart

your computer BEFORE testing each new setting for connection!

Hope this has helped.  Please feel free to repost.

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