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Well it seems getting our geek factor on here at Tezi Magazine has appealed to many of you and we are very glad to be of help!

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Due to the popularity of our piece; ‘Your Website, Your Way!’ and numerous requests for more information of this kind, we are now developing this feature into a four piece series of articles which we hope will be of great assist to you all; particularly those of you looking to build an online presence for very little or at no expense to yourselves!

We will link this page and each article in the series to its component articles as each new piece in the series is published. Check back here for more!

Your Website, Your Way! (Part 1) Read Now.

Your Website, Your Way! (Part 2) Read Now.

Your Website, Your Way! (Part 3) Read Now.

Your Website, Your Way! (Part 4) Read Now.

Meanwhile, you may like to browse our other TEZI TECH-TIPS; there just may be something useful in there for you!

(Be sure to let us know if our info has helped you (by posting a comment) and do let us know if there is anything further you‘d like us to research or feature!)



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