Long Live Men’s Interest Mags!

‘Men’s interest’ magazines are often places writers over-look, but they are a damned good income source and great fun to work with/for. 


The attitude of editors, writers and even the accounts department and receptionists are simply a definite cut above the rest; as is the case when dealing with most adult industry businesses.  

Writing for this magazine genre; stories like this one below; along with a vast selection of other saucy snippets and sketches, covered a very large swag of University fees and expenses all those years ago!  The adrenalin rush of opening the envelope from ACP Publishing to find my very first writer’s cheque inside for two submitted stories–a grand total of $600–will never be forgotten!  I did a little dance in the PO Box corridor, before scuttling away quietly, blushing, with the hugest grin on my face as all eyes watched and stepped away from the weird girl.

This story, Scentuous was published in The Picture magazine, Australia, some years ago.   [Just click the image to enlarge and have a good read!]

{Incidently, this story was the inspiration behind the erotic painting entitled ‘SCENTUOUS’ by Tezart (all these years later!)}.

In closing one can only say… Long live the Hugh Hefner’s, Mungo’s and Mighty Tigers of the world!  Budding writers would be paupers today without them! 

What would it take one wonders for The Picture Magazine to re-introduce their Gripping Yarns section!? 

Maybe we might start one of our own! 

Meanwhile you may like to follow The Picture Magazine‘s resident madman, Mungo @ThePictureMungo on Twitter.  And while you’re in there, why not follow us too! @TeziMAGAZINE

Scentuous, A ‘Gripping Yarn’, First print rights, The Picture magazine.

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