CD E-Error (Holden Commodore)

If you own a Holden Commodore and the CD Player in your vehicle stops working and displays the code CD – E, particularly following a battery change, here’s how to fix it, as per the owner manual instructions (find your manual here). 

Radio P.I.N. (Personal Identification Number)

Your PIN. must be entered if the battery is disconnected.

The P.I.N. is shown on the security card that was originally in the glove-box of the new car. Please keep the card in a safe but accessible place (not in your car), as this safety feature is provided as a theft deterrent.
To enter the P.l.N.:
• turn ignition to accessories and turn radio on (“1” or “CdE 1” appears),
• press the radio buttons in your P.I.N. order,
• the radio will shortly begin to play.

If an incorrect P.I.N. is entered the number “2” or “CdE 2” appears on the display.
Following three incorrect P.l.N.s the display shows” – – – “, and the radio must remain
connected to power for approx. one hour before the correct P.I.N. can be entered.
If your car repair requires battery disconnection you may wish to provide the
servicing dealer with your PIN.
If the P.I.N. number is lost, contact your Holden Dealer. They will require proof of
ownership and the Vehicle Identification Number shown on the inside front cover of this