Rede or Read…? The Signs!

I woke this morning, stumbled sleepy-eyed to the dining room, pulled back the curtains on the back sliding door that opens onto the back veranda and was greeted by the most gorgeous vision of thick, fluffy white cloud embracing the hillside across the way.  If one were on that hill instead of looking out at it one could have literally reached out and touched the clouds…!

Spring hillside cloudPX1000_001

It lead my mind to thoughts of an esoteric nature and in particular cloud divination.  As those who practice divination are well aware it presents itself in many and varied forms and each reading of same comes down to individual experience and interpretation.  For me, this morning however, I was not reading the cloud, but simply savouring its beauty.  What better vision to wake to for the first day of Spring! 

‘Spring!?’ I hear you splutter, ‘But it is yet still Winter!’ My Grandma always said “It is the first storm which heralds the first day of Spring, love…” We have had Spring storms, sudden warmth and mountain dew rains for that past twenty-four hours, in addition to waking to that first, clear swell of fluffy cloud that envelopes the town for a few hours before stepping aside to allow both sunshine and birdsong to fill the hearts of those inhabitants who pause long enough to recognize such for what it is… The first day of Spring! 

It takes so very little to see and acknowledge the smallest signs in nature for what they are; some call it divination, others call it living with nature… for others, it is just practical observation… Whichever way one looks at it, it is a beautiful and heart-lifting thing to see! 

And speaking of divination; whilst compiling a crossword yesterday I came across an interesting word; Rede. An excellent Scrabble word, not to be forgotten!  Not often used and most often replaced with the more common spelling of ‘Read’; Rede is in fact an archaic term for giving counsel or advice and when one ‘reads the cards’ or ‘reads the signs’ in any form of divination, one in fact ‘Rede’s’ them! 

There endeth the divine lesson for today!

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