Genetically Modified Food – Why?

I recently bought a cucumber. It was an ordinary, everyday green cucumber. It sat in the fridge happily for three days. My fridge struggled in the midsummer heat and the temperature dropped, not a lot, but enough. After rescuing all my sumptuous cold cut leftovers from Christmas (oh thank heavens they did actually survive!), I swiftly sorted through the vegetables in the crisper. All was well… except for the cucumber. It wasn’t dead, but if I were it I think I would have wished I were.

We all know that when wanting to plant seeds out of season, you put the them in the fridge first, they think it is winter and when you plant them they think it is spring and promptly start sprouting.

The sudden rise of temperature in my fridge had made the cucumber grow, but not the normal lengthwise growth of a vegetable; this was more like something out of the 1970’s Doctor Who series; a veritable green galactic monster. It had formed bulging blister like growths all over it, the appearance of which resembled thick globules of cellulite, smooth to the touch, but solid, not ‘squishy‘ as one would have expected; the entire cucumber still felt ‘wholesome’ to the touch, not soggy or soft where the bulges had formed. Each bulge was about the size of two thumbs and paler than the rest of the cucumber, the colour of a cucumber in the first stages of its growth. 

Of course, it went straight in the bin. I do wish I had taken a photograph however, as it had obviously formed growths and this is not the normal action of a fresh, supposedly naturally grown cucumber.

Upon further investigation I learned that the store I purchased the cucumber from is now selling GM – Genetically Modified foods, so of course I shan’t be shopping there again – ever!

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Genetic Modification of fresh foods is a process which artificially increases the growth rate of foods, thereby supposedly enabling greater supply of said foods, sooner. If, however, this little cucumber is indeed any indication of what happens to genetically modified foods, one surely must ask, what is this process by extension doing to the genetic code and structure of the human body which consumes the affected foods? The modifying genes which are injected into these foods are being absorbed into our bodies, processed and distributed throughout our bloodstream and circulatory systems. All foods we eat are assimilated by our bodies in this way.

These genes which modify the growth rate and structure of the foods we eat must also, little by little be altering the genetic structure of our own body cells. So many of us refuse to eat saturated fats – because they make us fat. We won’t eat too much salt because it is damaging to the heart and we restrict our alcohol intake so we don’t blow up our liver… yet, so many eat genetically altered foods without giving a thought to what it may be doing to their body.

There are one or two questions which really need to be asked of those attempting to shove this genetically modified food forcibly and quite literally down our throats. 

Firstly; Why do these people so desperately want to encourage the populace, en masse, to consume genetically altered foods over the naturally grown foods we have eaten for generations?

The pretext is that it ultimately benefits humanity as it is ’healthier’ and makes it easier to meet food demands by increasing the growth and therefore the output of these foods.

Whilst propagating this propaganda, these very same people are razing the very lands, forests and natural resources which guarantee and have guaranteed the unending supply of natural, organic foods in abundant supply for all man-kind for generations. Left undamaged, unaltered and when nurtured in stead of destroyed and utilised for the very purpose which they were given man-kind to use – (to farm!) – our lands supply us with all and every natural resource the human body requires – in absolute abundance!

To modify natural foods is to change their function unnecessarily, so the second question which must be asked is why bother and to what benefit?

Fat People = Fat Profit!

Those who read my feature regularly will know I am a cynic when it comes to Governments and their motivations and as such I look to the bottom line that is the sole source of operation for such entities and corporations – the money source. This is invariably the answer to any question if that question is followed immediately by this one; Who benefits financially and ultimately from this event/venture/deal? Here is where you will find your source.

Why would any Government wish to outlay massive amounts of money in support of genetically altering natural food sources unnecessarily and thus putting an entire world of people at possible health risk?

A healthy nation of people does not generate income for the pharmaceutical companies; a principle income source for many Governing bodies. Pure conspiracy theory on my part… of course…

The natural vitamins and minerals which come abundant in naturally grown foods increase the human immune system when consumed on a daily basis, thus increasing health, vitality and overall resistance to infection and illness. 

Hormone Injections

Genetically modified foods are altered with, among other things, the injection of growth hormones.  Hormones in abundance in the human system must be burned up by the human body and converted into energy; if not, they revert to fat, which is why so many athletes who use hormone treatments turn to blubber when they cease their exercise/training regime.  The same can be said of those with medical conditions who require hormone treatments, such as cortisone; they become very fat, very quickly and there is nothing that can be done about it, once the process has begun; their system changes, usually irrepairably.

If these foods are altered; genetically modified in such a way so as to actually decrease the health of a nation and a planet of people, by injecting growth hormones, the consequences in the long-term will quite simply be an increase in need by the human race to lean on the health system to rectify this issue and thus the pharmaceutical companies will once again, ultimately benefit  financially, as always.

As, as yet there is a lack of evidence to show a positive effect regarding the consumption of these foods, how yet can we also know that there is no negative effect on our overall system and that of our children and future generations?

Keep It Natural!

Just because we can’t see any evidence of an ensuing problem as yet, (though it is staring us in the face!) doesn’t mean there isn‘t a problem looming.  The first pill, for example, was said to be safe… yet it wasn’t and the consequence many months and years down the track was, sadly and horrifically, thalidomide babies.  There are so many examples of scientific, so-called ‘ breakthroughs’ which have been thrust upon the populace and claimed to be safe or healthy, before actually being garnered to be completely safe, the consequences of which have been dire and simply too far gone to be fixed by the time they are found.

The human race has subsisted on naturally grown foods for generation upon generation.  Stay natural; you’ve too much to possibly lose not to – and why gamble your life, your health and your family’s future on a maybe?

As I once heard the Scientist, Baroness Susan Greenfield say; The absence of evidence does not necessarily mean the evidence of absence!

This is so true!  As an opinion writer I was born with the conspiracy theorist and cynic genes and offer no apologies if I have upset anyone with this article… and must again ask:

Why are these agencies so desperate to have us consume genetically modified foods over the fresh, naturally grown foods which have kept us healthy for generations?

Precisely what benefits are to be gained from eating GM foods in lieu of natural ones?

In precisely what way is genetically modified food supposedly ‘healthier‘ than natural, normal food?

Who profits, ultimately from the production and sale of genetically modified foods?

Why bother making it, let alone eating the muck?

Answers, anyone?

Lady Opine.

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