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ON THE BUSES poetry in motion!

ON THE BUSES! A JOURNEY IN VERSE   ‘14.4.2011, The Mission’ OUTBOUND TO TOWN… I thought I’d have to pay full fare, But ‘Greyhound Guy’ was great, Said he was a little stressed,… Continue reading

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Australia Post PO Box Fee Extortion!

If there is one thing one can label as good about Twitter, it is the immediacy of it, along with the ability to make your views known instantly to those whom you feel… Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Food – Why? I recently bought a cucumber. It was an ordinary, everyday green cucumber. It sat in the fridge happily for three days. My fridge struggled in the midsummer heat… Continue reading

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If there is one thing that grates my nerves a little more than others when visiting or living in a smaller, regional town, it is the small mindedness that seems to come with… Continue reading

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David Campbell MP ~ Stepping Out

In a country where personal liberty, freedom of speech and tolerance to alternative lifestyle and are proclaimed to be at the fore of the Australian ethos, it is somewhat surprising to find that David Campbell’s choice of night spot relaxation should cause the furore it has…

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