HOW TO: Type Odd Characters

odd characters


Oh the eternal frustration of never being able to type the right symbol in another language, or indeed all the odd symbols, such as copyright, pounds, euros, or just little love hearts!

Here’s how to do it.

The Windows system contains a ‘Character Map’, which allows you to add any type of foreign language character or special symbol, such as;

 + to any text you may be writing.

It contains literally hundreds of characters.

To access this Character map simply follow this road;

Click START >> hover over ALL PROGRAMS >> click ACCESSORIES >> click SYSTEM TOOLS >> click CHARACTER MAP.

Select the font you are presently using. Click on the character you wish to insert. It will appear in the ‘Characters to copy’ box. Highlight it and copy/paste into your text.

For those who have yet to master the ‘COPY/PASTE’ function, it is done thus;

Place the cursor on the text you want to copy and highlight it by either double clicking and sliding your mouse across it or by pressing [Ctrl] [A] (meaning copy All). Now press [Ctrl] [C] while the text remains highlighted to copy it. Move your cursor to where you want to place the text you have just copied, press [Ctrl] [V] to ‘Paste‘ it in place.