Whilst so-ever the leviathan of the sea lives, so too dost man. It is written in the Mythologies.  Perseus and his men were hungry – they hunted the whale… The Sea God Poseidon blew up a storm to protect the whale, and dumped Perseus and his men upon an island where there was food aplenty for them… he said to Perseus –  You hunt the one thing which gives you life, yet it’s destruction is your own.
It is a strange thing, but show us yet a mythological truth which has not borne itself out.  Why would such a thing be so? Whilst the whale lives, so do we… This we find we ask ourselves;  HOW could such a thing be so…?  If such a thing is so, by whom is it known, and why, why?! are they so intent then on it’s very destruction?  It makes no sense.  No sense at all.  
It angers us.  The hunting and the killing of the whale is quite simply unsupportable.
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the whale