Fresh Inspiration!

TANJA DHOW by TzTahala.   Purchase original;

It’s always wonderful when fresh inspiration sparks, particularly after a sludgy, time consuming period of complete inaction due to a lack of it! (Or a pesky case of White Canvas Syndrome!)

TzTahala has picked up the paint brush again after a period of – almost a month we believe – of no painting!?  Unheard of!

Time, peace of mind, a suitable place to work in and fresh inspiration must all come together in unison at the appointed or required time in order for any artist – indeed creator of any kind – to be able to plummet into the refreshing pool to which only creation’s very own muses can provide the key.

Following a selection of one-off flower paintings, an assortment of abstracts and one or two other individual pieces – Tz has commenced this week-end a fresh new series… It is entitled (We shan’t reveal that just yet actually–because we have yet to learn it ourselves!) but we do know it is going to be–a little bit ethereal, a little bit fantasy, a wee bit spacey–and we hope–intriguing for those of you who love this sort of art!

We are enjoying the anticipation of what is to come and is so great to see Tz painting again!