It is always difficult to know what best to paint; paint what you feel, then find a market for it, or paint to market and the feeling be damned… to each his own and, really – who knows which is best!? Erotic Art

Art Business Today conducted a survey in 2011 on behalf of The Fine Art Trade Guild; surveying more than 800 galleries across the UK, the EU and US.  Each gallery was asked to name their best-selling prints/original art and reproductions (limited and open editions)

These were the Top 10 best-selling subjects for paintings in the UK:

1. Traditional landscapes.
2. Local views.
3. Modern or semi-abstract landscapes.
4. Abstracts.
5. Dogs.
6. Figure studies (excluding nudes).
7. Seascapes, harbour, and beach scenes.
8. Wildlife.
9. Impressionistic landscapes.
10. Nudes.

The Top 10 best-selling subjects for paintings in the US market were:

1. Local views.
2. Fantasy and comic book art.
3. Traditional landscapes.
4. Cityscapes
5. Modern or semi-abstract landscapes.
6. Wildlife.
7. Figurative erotic art.
6. Figure studies (excluding nudes).
7. Ships and oceanic scenes.
8. Nudes.
9. Impressionistic landscapes.
10.Science fiction studies.

The Top 10 best-selling subjects for paintings in the EU market were:
1. Traditional landscapes.
2. Nudes (traditional)
3. Rural or semi-rural landscapes.
4. Impressionistic landscapes.
5. Nudes (erotic)
6. Figure studies (excluding nudes).
7. Modern landscapes.
8. Rural and domestic animals.
9. Portraiture (old masters style).
10. Wildlife.

Best selling prints:

1 Limited edition offset-litho prints.
2 Limited edition giclée prints.
3 Open edition offset-litho prints
4 Oil and acrylic paintings.
5 Watercolours.
6 Artists’ original prints (eg etchings, engravings).
7 Open edition giclée prints.

The list of the Top 10 best-selling deceased artists:

1 LS Lowry.
2 Monet.
3 Alan Ingham.
4 Russell Flint.
5 John Miller.
6 Rothko
7 Van Gogh.
8 Picasso.
9 Klimt.
10 Matisse.

[With thanks and full credits to Marion Boddy-Evans, American Institute of Art, New York for the original posting of the below information.]

“Paint!  If not for yourself, today, then for the wealth of your descendants tomorrow!” ~

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