CONTENT THEFT assfire . com

It has come to our attention that a company who call themselves or alternatively and has stolen an image published by us, courtesy of the TEZART website and illegally linked their own website to it; this image and link appear in Google’s search engine.

Stolen Image with mis-directed link by

The company has instigated ‘content-theft’ by lifting a photograph belonging to TEZART (the artist painting ‘Temptation’ from ‘The Art Of Forbidden Pleasure ~ Tendrils’  series)  from this website and added their own website link to the link and image, thereby directing all google search custom to their website, instead of to this site.

The image this company has stolen is above and the link they have attached to it is as follows; (warning: adult content within)

This company is: | |

[ is a domain controlled by two name servers at Both are on the same IP network. The primary name server is Incoming mail for is handled by one mail server at The IP:s of one server are missing: has one IP number (]

Company Email: |

Company Addresses:

Kitts Kat Marketing, PO Box 1058, Basseterre, St. Kitts, East Caribbean FSC Limited, 12 Kingslyn Avenue, Kingston 10, WI N/A, JM

CYTEK Limited, Ely House, Ely Road, Leyton, UK, E10 6ER

The image was taken from this website;

The image was originally displayed on this webpage and on this blog entry;

The image is clearly labelled with copyright [ © Tahala ] and is a photograph of her and her artwork.  This image has been used without her prior knowledge or consent.  She intends to take legal action if this link is not removed immediately and a written notification of this removal issued to her or Tezi Magazine forthwith by the company involved.

We (Tezi magazine) and the artist are in no way associated with,, or any of its affiliates.

We have contacted this website and requested that the link be removed forthwith or legal action shall ensue.

We thank a fellow associate for finding this anomaly and reporting it to us immediately.  Should this link remain active, or should anyone else stumble upon any other images belonging to us or any of our associates/contributors which have been stolen, published, displayed without our consent or knowledge or illegally re-linked, we would very much appreciate being informed.   Many thanks.

For anyone else suffering at the hands of ‘Content-Theft’; here’s a few places to begin before taking ultimate legal action.

It seems to us more and more as we journey through the intermittent quagmire that is life that laws are made for crooks to break and not to protect those who stand in the right.

If there is one thing we abhor as much as a liar, it is a thief!  Given a choice we would prefer to simply slit the throat of anyone who stole anything from us, but given the dire legal ramifications of such an action and the fact that this would create more problems than the very issue I need resolved, the only recourse left to us is to follow the laws of the land which these very thieves have hitherto broken!

What must be done, must be done, however…

© Tezi Magazine 2010.