Vampirella Comic #13
Vampirella comics would have to be one of my all time collector favourites as far as ‘out of print’ comics go.  I was musing over a cup of tea this morning when my eye fell upon these words on the cover of issue 13 of Vampirella…

‘Vampirella And Dracula Encounter The Horrible Giant Slug.’

Vampirella #13


 I found myself wondering just what the state of the horror/fantasy fiction world would be today had Bram Stoker thought of or been able to register, trademark or copyright the ‘Dracula‘ name.  

Bram Stoker, Author of ‘Dracula’

So very different would the vampire landscape of today’s world be and how very wealthy indeed his descendants, or indeed the descendants of the real and original Vlad Dracul upon whom the tale was based!

‘Vlad The Impaler’, Painted Portrait of Vlad Dracul, the original and real ‘Dracula’

In musing upon such I fell into conversation about it with a fellow writer who promptly and correctly said, ’well… there is no copyright on names…’ 

 My instant response was – ’What about Macdonalds then?  It is a registered trademark and a name….’

Could one of the biggest franchisers on the planet be at risk at any time from claims against them by the Macdonald clan?

Macdonald Clan

Not being a Macdonald in name, blood or association, this doesn’t interest me in the slightest but the ramifications of this for a financial giant of the world, if such does indeed have any possibility or plausibility legally, however, does interest me a great deal.

Macdonald Crest

You see… It is somewhat of a little conundrum, because, if it is legal for Macdonalds to claim exclusive rights and do legal battle to maintain the rights to the Macdonalds name, then surely it is so, retrospectively for the descendants of Bram Stoker (among others!)to claim rights over all things titled, entitled or referenced ‘Dracula‘… should they be interested?

Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’

 Just a little curious ponderance.

 Tahala xxo.

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