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How To Create A Watermark

Our regular readers will be familiar with the constant advice we give regarding internet security; our basic warning being – if it is online it is public domain, so protect yourself! The internet is rife… Continue reading

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HOW TO: Type Odd Characters

HOW TO TYPE ODD CHARACTERS & SYMBOLS Oh the eternal frustration of never being able to type the right symbol in another language, or indeed all the odd symbols, such as copyright, pounds,… Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations one goes through as a writer and vast and many, but for me one of the most frustrating for so long was finding the © copyright sign on my… Continue reading

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CONTENT THEFT assfire . com

It has come to our attention that a company who call themselves or alternatively and has stolen an image published by us, courtesy of the TEZART website and illegally linked their own website… Continue reading

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