What a Maelstrom!

Have had a day of external household maintainance today after last night’s maelstrom!  (Oh I love that word!) If one believes in the spirits who walk, last night they walked something wild!  My little kitten ran howling from her favourite possie by the main bedroom window, a spiky fur-ball with a wildly fluffed tail streaming across the room followed immediately by a rather spooked and startled me as a screaming blast burst through a narrow window gap and what sounded like rasping talons on a claw-like hand tapped three times upon the glass! 

I can laugh… now… It was a dreadful night of howling, whistling chaos that rattled the house for unending hours… Relief ensued as sunrise came, but the mess outside upon waking was abominable!  So today I spent four hours sail stitching eight cane blinds back into some form of acceptable appearance.  Not perfect, but liveable!  It was a surprisingly pleasant and somewhat relaxing endeavor, spent rugged up in a fur lined jacket under a weak, but warming sun, with a light, fresh rain-cleansed wind blasting over my cheeks whilst I sipped a warming honey tea.  My little kitten ‘helped’, of course!  Such lovely stuff, string!

Sailor, sailor, stitch it tight, the winds be wild this stormy night!

 Ironically, I have just finished reading Richard Armstrong’s novel ‘The Big Sea’.  As noted on the back of the book ~ “… he writes brilliantly of sailors and the sea…”  … And today I felt rather like on was on a ship at high sea – a Tar Boy, no less!  Har!


Play Time! Oooh Pussycat Pompoms!

My darling little one, and biggest ‘helper’ with absolutely everything!

 Pussycat Pompoms ~ my own little specialty!  Handmade treats for Pussycat Playtime!

 If you’d love some, email me ~  just $1 AUD each! (plus postage, of course!)

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