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Painting Like The Masters!

I figure if the old masters can paint by candlelight, I can work under two sixty watt bulbs…surely…??

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Pussy Helps! Again :)

Little Mishka has her own blog!  She has been helping me paint…  take a look!   Little Mishka   Patient & Pensive Mishka   Mishka loves to paint and keeps stealing her mamma’s paintbrushes.  Since her… Continue reading

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The Secretarial Pussy!

It seems not to matter how organized one thinks one is, one is never organised enough and evidently my kitten thinks so too!   It is that time of year again, when, having developed a headache… Continue reading

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Toast, Tolstoy & Teddy…

It’s been a morning of toast, Tolstoy, escapee fly leafs, chaotic cats & dead fly necklaces.    ‘Pooh-bear’ lies haphazardly askew, abandoned face down on the bedroom floor and my little puss has gone suspiciously… Continue reading

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What a Maelstrom!

Have had a day of external household maintainance today after last night’s maelstrom!  (Oh I love that word!) If one believes in the spirits who walk, last night they walked something wild!  My… Continue reading

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