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Pussy Helps! Again :)

Little Mishka has her own blog!  She has been helping me paint…  take a look!   Little Mishka   Patient & Pensive Mishka   Mishka loves to paint and keeps stealing her mamma’s paintbrushes.  Since her… Continue reading

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Demeter & Persephone

… Followed by a good soak in the shower, steak, bubbles – ample, of course!… and for some… A long, much needed snooze… Night all.xxo  

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DVD Player stuffed? P Scan & Split Screen

DVD Player was happily fixed today with the help of a cat, a magnifying glass and pure genius, of course!  My pussy loves technology and if she can find a way to get… Continue reading

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What a Maelstrom!

Have had a day of external household maintainance today after last night’s maelstrom!  (Oh I love that word!) If one believes in the spirits who walk, last night they walked something wild!  My… Continue reading

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