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A Writer Writes To Be Read!

FIVE KEY ELEMENTS TO BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL WRITER A few words of writing wisdom from the Telling Tales Temptress herself, Adult Authoress Anika King!  For a writer there is no such thing as a bad… Continue reading

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Painting Like The Masters!

I figure if the old masters can paint by candlelight, I can work under two sixty watt bulbs…surely…??

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Those of you who own a cat will understand only too well the perils that these four-legged fur-balls can put one through if you allow them access of any kind to your electrics,… Continue reading

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Pussy Helps! Again :)

Little Mishka has her own blog!  She has been helping me paint…  take a look!   Little Mishka   Patient & Pensive Mishka   Mishka loves to paint and keeps stealing her mamma’s paintbrushes.  Since her… Continue reading

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Demeter & Persephone

… Followed by a good soak in the shower, steak, bubbles – ample, of course!… and for some… A long, much needed snooze… Night all.xxo  

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DVD Player stuffed? P Scan & Split Screen

DVD Player was happily fixed today with the help of a cat, a magnifying glass and pure genius, of course!  My pussy loves technology and if she can find a way to get… Continue reading

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The Secretarial Pussy!

It seems not to matter how organized one thinks one is, one is never organised enough and evidently my kitten thinks so too!   It is that time of year again, when, having developed a headache… Continue reading

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What a Maelstrom!

Have had a day of external household maintainance today after last night’s maelstrom!  (Oh I love that word!) If one believes in the spirits who walk, last night they walked something wild!  My… Continue reading

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