A brief literary point of interest:

The commonly used term today, pronounced “SEGWAY” is in fact spelt ‘SEGUE’, meaning the smooth transition from one topic or section to the next. The expression is much favoured by journalists and radio and television presenters, who are always seeking to initiate the next most clever or witty segue.

A Segway is in fact a two-wheeled, self balancing, battery-powered, scooter type vehicle used principally in Europe for personal transportation. It was aptly named ‘Ginger’ whilst in production after Fred Astaire’s oft times on-screen dance partner, Ginger Rogers.

Those who are a fan of Kevin James, star of the comedy series ‘King Of Queens’ will be very familiar with the functioning of the Segway that is used by this man – with great dexterity! – in his role as store detective Paul Blart in the film Mall Cop.

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