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A Writer Writes To Be Read!

FIVE KEY ELEMENTS TO BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL WRITER A few words of writing wisdom from the Telling Tales Temptress herself, Adult Authoress Anika King!  For a writer there is no such thing as a bad… Continue reading

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HELP! I’m Stuck In My Header!

What is A Header and Footer? The Header and Footer are blank sections at the top of word processing screen pages. These are not visible unless you open them by using your menu… Continue reading

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A Writer Needs Fuel!

Fresh writing needs fresh thought flow. Without a healthy body you cannot maintain any semblance of healthy thought flow. This applies to everyone, not just writers. If your body is disintegrating, so too,… Continue reading

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Long Live Men’s Interest Mags!

‘Men’s interest’ magazines are often places writers over-look, but they are a damned good income source and great fun to work with/for.  The attitude of editors, writers and even the accounts department and… Continue reading

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Australian Writers Resources

Resources: The Australian Writer’s Marketplace Australian Society of Authors PO Box 1566, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australian Copyright Council Arts Law Centre Australian Publishers’ Association Australian Writers’ Guild… Continue reading

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A brief literary point of interest: The commonly used term today, pronounced “SEGWAY” is in fact spelt ‘SEGUE’, meaning the smooth transition from one topic or section to the next. The expression is… Continue reading

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   If there is one thing we authors love, it is gaining insight into the thought processes and procedures one must endure in order to have an article, book or film script published!… Continue reading

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The trials and tribulations one goes through as a writer and vast and many, but for me one of the most frustrating for so long was finding the © copyright sign on my… Continue reading

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Writing Reality

The first advice ever given to me when I began to write in my teens was; ‘Don’t NOT write something because your Grandma might read it; You won’t ever be a successful writer… Continue reading

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