Scotch, Bath or Hot Chocolate?

‘Twas a day of oddities today…   A different driver to the norm, an alternate inspector to the norm and the artist role-playing as model! 

Today was one of those days where no matter what opportunities may have been available to me, or how many millions I may have had at my disposal in an alternate reality… I would have wanted and did want only to sleep!  But alas, a late night and over-indulgence are not acceptable reasons for the neglecting of ones duty…!

It was a promise for a booking to sit as model for a small enclave of sculptors today and not desire (I do so despise the cold!) which dragged me from the snuggly warmth of my cosy bed at 7am and out into five degree c. cold!

Usually I am the one utilising models, but today I had the dubious pleasure (?!) of being sitter (except that I wasn’t ‘sitting’ so much as being strung from the ceiling!!).  The session lasted three hours and was a wonderfully animated atmosphere in a sculpture room style studio with three artists each producing a foot and a half high sculpture.  It is quite bizarre to see ones own self emerge from a clump of raw clay; an interesting diversion, fascinating to watch and a nice bit of pin-money too!

Of course – I am aching all over now and as I sit writing this whilst munching ginger snaps dunked in a steaming cup of hot chocolate, I postulate the possibility of a long soak in a warm bubble bath – weighing, of course the reprieve factor against the getting naked in the cold factor – however brief it may be! 

Perhaps I will have a scotch instead…!

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