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A very great deal can be learned about a person simply by noting the way they play a game.  Game-play is a certain case of microcosm – macrocosm; the way one plays a game is invariably the way one deals with life and vice-versa.  The thought processes used when playing a game are the same thought processes we each use throughout the course of our every day life.  It is these thought processes which guide us to take a particular step or to follow a particular course of action in life.  These processes and hence the actions which ensue are exactly the same when playing a game.

The actions, reactions and strategies a person applies in game-play will be the exact same actions, reactions and strategies they utilise in real life.  Indeed, if anything, in game-play there is a sense of ‘safety’ in the ‘non-reality’ of what is going on so one tends to let one’s guard down and one may do things one would like to do in reality, but daren’t do and in so doing one reveals more of one’s true self to an opponent than one otherwise would or should in reality.

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The conundrum involved in this analytical approach to game-play is, however, that no matter what one does with it, once one has become aware of this phenomena; the very action of trying to hide one’s personality in game-play is in itself revealing of yet another aspect of one’s hidden personality; there is no escaping it!  Just as in life, we are judged by our actions; so too can we be judged in the same manner in the realm of game-playing.

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If you find yourself curious about the character of another, invite them to play a board game with you and the next time you have a game yourself, with whomever, note the game-play strategy of your opponent and see if you can gain an insight into an aspect of their character (or even your own) which was perhaps not so blatantly obvious to you before. 

It’s a bit of a laugh and sometimes, just sometimes can be a very useful bit of fun.

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