Book Review: From Russia With Love, Ian Fleming

Presently I am reading a wonderfully old first edition copy of the novel ‘From Russia, With Love’ by author Ian Fleming.  It is the original version upon which the James Bond movie by the same title was based.  Chapter 9, A Labour Of Love, is rather worthy of mention.  Russian Agent, Corporal Tatiana Romanova is called to the office of Comrade Colonel Rosa Klebb of SMERSH to undergo rigorous questioning in order to ascertain her suitability for mission requirement; “To fall in love with James Bond”.  Colonel Klebb is most certainly a far more perverse and horrifying woman in the original story than ever she is portrayed in the movie.  That is not to say she is not frightening in the film, for those who have seen it know precisely of that which I speak and she is not someone anyone of sane mind would wish to take audience with.   In the novel, however, Colonel Klebb’s perversities simply know no bounds and the sexual connotations held within her torturous actions make the reading of such a mouthful of extreme perversion which one doesn’t wish to swallow, but simply can’t stop munching on!

Whilst it is said that this particular story from the James Bond series by Ian Fleming was an attempt at some form of literary genius, I cannot and will not agree or disagree with another’s judgement of this.   I have no patience with those who stand in judgement of another man’s work, particularly if the critic’s own efforts and output  in the same realm far under-weigh the efforts and output of those being judged, as in this particular instance, do mine!   I will say, however, ‘From Russia, With Love’ is a damned good read; a little difficult to get into at first, but definitely well worth persevering with.

‘FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE’ , novel by Ian Fleming ~ 4/5  munchies from me :).

© Teazy-D 2011

First Edition ~ Beautiful!

Printed in Great Britain