A Little Breakfast Divination to start the day…!

A little scary, isn’t it?  Fried eggs – a little breakfast divination… and why not… most do it with tea-leaves, however the application is precisely the same for all things, be it clouds, food, tea leaves, even sink soap suds can give you a pointer for the day that is to come, or an answer to that puzzling query.  You just need to know how to read it.

This little one is a quite reminiscent of the Hindu Goddess Kali, one arm raised in defence, the other nursing a child, but she is seated, cross-legged in semi-meditation pose, rather than the usual standing pose – indicative of something restful or at peace.   The head is perfectly silhouetted in a circle as of the paintings of old, in possible representation of an angel or divine figure – indicative of protection and strength/power.   The stomach area is quite fulsome, possibly representational of gestation (of a child, a project or an idea) not necessarily pregnancy, but a pending birth of some kind.  (Oftentimes, however, when it looks like a duck – well – it is a duck! – Ye Gods and fluffy ducks, that would rather make life – interesting, to say the least!!)  The lower arm is nursing a baby like form, representative of birth, also nurture and nourishment.

Deep within the facial area one can make out the vaguest form of a three-quarter view of an elephant head which also extends and curves in the raised ‘arm’ section, becoming a raised trunk.  Possibly representative of Ganesha, the elephant God.  If you look closely at this, the elephant three-quarter profile can be seen facing both ways – indicative of duplicity or twins.   The raised trunk is luck.  The elephant God, protection.

So we have;

Defence, rest, peace, protection and strength/power, gestation of a new beginning, birth or idea, a new birth or beginning in addition to this gestation, nurture and nourishment, duplicity or twins, luck and protection.

[Or… Call ‘Eggs In Distress’!] – ed.

The application applies to the individual for whom it is being read.  In this case, it is I.  If only I could remember precisely that which I was ruminating upon when I cracked the egg!  I guess – we shall see…!

© Teazy-D, 2010.