Tricks for Saving Pics

No matter what the system in place, there is always a counter to it, particularly when it comes to computing.  Personally I am constantly frustrated and hampered by automated messages popping up on my screen saying one cannot do this and may not access that.  Being terribly unaccustomed to being told what I may and may not do, I always have a keen eye out for any new sources which may provide a countering solution to tin-pot Cyber-Hitlers who think they rule the world of computing.  Today I found a little gem which may be useful for anyone out there for whom saving pictures from internet pages may be posing difficulties.  

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“… Due to the fact that hi5 has implemented a system against copying and saving pictures from the website,by javascripting rewriting of the src link of a hi5 picture,none of the most known methods of saving a picture from hi5 works:save as,save,show picture link,copy image location.
it all takes you to a gif picture 1×1_trans.gif which has 1 pixel in dimension.
But I will now show you how to bypass this trick.
There are two methods:
1 …view page source,and therefore copy image src location
2..the most common method..simple as daylight…SAVE PAGE AS :d
It therefore saves the page and the adjacent folder on your hard drive… ”

Also this method; 

“… 1. Right-click on the small picture of the one you want to save
2. Click View Image
3. Modify the URL from […]-01.jpg to […]-02.jpg
4. Press Enter
5. Click Save Image As… ”