Planet Earth: We’re Doomed.

It is Christmas in the year 2010.  The Southern Hemisphere soaks up the rays whilst the Northern Hemisphere moves “half way out of the darkness“, as The good Doctor would say.  Midnight passes and Christmas has officially begun.

Heavy snow-falls plague Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom as they are blessed with a white Christmas, whilst damaging floods sweep through Australia and lands afar, easing hitherto drought conditions.  The human race panics as ‘climate change’ has befallen them.  The experts sprout all kinds of consequences and doomsday predictions, Governments seek funding, grants and form committees to monitor the changes and decide what ruling to lay upon the populace today under the guise of duty of care which ever emerges as either a new levy, tax or surcharge in the people’s pockets. 

Yet… when one takes pause, for just a moment… and looks out of ones window, whilst allowing ones mind to skip through former years… one realises that one sees exactly the same weather patterns as were extent fifteen to twenty-five years ago, simply emerging once again, as weather patterns are apt to do.  Like all things in nature, the weather too, is cyclic.  Far from being extreme, it is simply that mother nature herself and her weather is simply doing a swing shift back to normalcy; an attempt to rectify the imbalance which has hitherto been the predominance, brought about by the human race as a result of our indifference to and disrespect of nature itself.

Indeed if one looks back on old news reports, journals, former correspondences, books written decades earlier, both fiction and non-fiction, old television shows; comedies, film and documentaries alike, all speak of, refer to or make a mockery of precisely the same weather conditions and ensuing problems this type of weather brings about.  It is nothing new; indeed it is quite normal.  The same floods, snow drifts, drought patches and cyclones are circling our planet and re-occurring in the same regions as ever they did before.  Mass panic, however ever seems to ensue every time the words ‘climate change’ are attached to any weather report. 

Overwrought reporters issue grubby money grabbing reports, requested and financed by media stations the world over, each out to create an exclusive story built on the hoped misery of those caught in the throng of the so-called climatic chaos.  These people are solely responsible for making massive melodramas out of something which should simply be expected, foreseen, acknowledged, catered to and prepared for practically, smoothly and well in advance of it occurring.  The same weather conditions in previous decades brought about very little drama in the same or similar circumstances.  That is not to say that the weather we are experiencing is not causing havoc, and indeed a great deal of it in many regions, but much of this havoc could be, would and should be averted; it is only our complacency which prevents us today from being as ready now as ever we were before and prepared for these major thrusts of climate change.

We as a race of people have made the very mistake which we always make, regardless of knowing its consequence.; we have, once again forgotten history.  In this specific case, the climatic history of the earth has been overlooked completely.  Life quite literally goes round in circles.  It is something we cannot escape.  If we have had it, done it, destroyed it, used it, prevented it before; if it has happened once already in this world, it will very likely and most probably occur again in the future.  In politics, finance, war, religion and indeed in so many areas of the life we have created for ourselves; so many events could have been and indeed could still be prevented in the future by remembering the past in order to prepare for what may and will likely recur again.  One cannot prevent nature however; one cannot thwart it, one cannot control it or indeed the weather patterns it brings.  One can, however be prepared for that which we know is inevitably coming by looking at what has already been.

It is simplicity itself to watch, listen, learn, remember and prepare for climate change.  We as an entire people simply need to re-develop a tuned-in awareness and logical monitoring of what nature is doing, in advance of when she is doing it in order to prepare ourselves for the next climate shift.  This is a skill which was once second nature to most of us in decades past but which has been voluntarily overwritten by our self-imposed world of human based priorities.  Finance, industry and politics have deflected our thoughts and attentions from living with and amidst the very thing which is our sole life-source; nature itself.  No factory, no industry, no army, no parliament can survive without it; yet they live and breathe literally for the love of, want of and self-imposed need for the almighty dollar alone.

In the life we have created for ourselves we cuss the weather and throng about in worship of this one entity alone; an entity which we cannot eat, we cannot grow, we cannot breathe, we cannot use as shelter and nor can we, in most cases, even burn it to keep warm; this entity we worship, pay daily homage to and live our entire lives in pursuit of, is money.  We and we alone have built a life on its foundation; an entity which has no actual relevance to life itself, no foundation at all and which simply cannot sustain itself without us keeping it alive.  It brings, ultimately, only one thing, power and control over others.

The resultant of the injection of the dollar into our lives, where once it never was or needed to be, is that we none of us can now eat, take refuge under shelter, drink, propagate effectively or even rest without paying for it.  Even today discussions and negotiations now ensue the world over on just how our governments can get away with charging us to breathe very the air which they have allowed in their greed to become so contaminated that people and nature itself are suffering worldwide from its effuse.

Life begins, literally, with the weather and seasonal, cyclic changes.  It rules mankind, no matter how much we fight to deny or ignore it and unless we allow ourselves to slip back into its fold and move with it, rather than against, we ultimately are the only ones who will suffer.  Nature will breathe on long after the human race expires, both individually and as a collective.  Nature needs but one seed, a grain of earth, a breath of wind and a droplet of water to begin her life again.  Humans need another of our own kind, the right seasonal environment and nine months of nature provided food, water and shelter in order to even look like we may begin again as a race.  We cannot survive upon this earth without mother nature; we must pay due homage.

As a race, humanity has become all too lazy, too complacent and too much out for the main chance of what we can grab from each other today to sit back, relax, observe and move in tune with the simplicity that is nature itself; the very thing which provides everything we, as a race need to survive, thrive and prosper.  As living entities, we humans have our own ‘life-cycle‘.  Nature also has her own life cycle and we are an integral part of that cycle, each of us inter-connected with the other, each reliant on the respect and nurturing, one of the other, in order to survive.  It is a marriage.

Simplistic in itself is the very essential, first and foremost element we humans need to survive; oxygen.  This very element is obtained and can only be obtained by us from one source and one source alone; nature, or more specifically, trees.  Trees exhale oxygen and inhale carbon-dioxide, too much of which is poison and fatal to the human respiratory system.  Human’s exhale of this carbon dioxide when we breathe.  All plant life; bushes, shrubs and trees inhale of this carbon monoxide hungrily and give unto us our air supply, oxygen, in their own exhalation.  While-ever mother nature survives on this planet; we as a race continue to breathe.  It is a catch twenty-two life cycle in which we find ourselves and too few humans know this.  While-ever we continue to breathe, mother nature is able to continue to propagate herself and so supply us with the oxygen upon which we are dependent for our survival. 

Apart from providing the very air we breathe, it is also trees which release moisture into the air.  This moisture subsequently rises, warms and builds clouds, which bring rain, filling our waterways and so supplying us with the second most essential ingredient to the survival of the human race on earth; water.  Food, of course, is obvious; our entire food source, no matter how extreme or extensive the packaging processes we choose to filter and squash it through, is dependent solely upon what nature can provide us with, which in its turn is solely dependent upon what we allow her to keep providing us with; I.e. that which we have not yet, do not and have yet to destroy.  The more we kill nature, the closer we as a race come to imminent death. 

Finally, shelter; not a single man-made product is not drawn from, processed from, or built from a material which is not first sourced from mother nature herself.  Thus it is so very important to only utilise those natural resources which we, or mother nature herself can replenish as rapidly as we use them.  As simplistic as it sounds and as simple as it in fact is, we cannot survive without mother nature and mother nature cannot survive while-ever we live in abuse of that which she has granted us – the sustenance for life itself.  Mother nature can live without us; she will continue to thrive without humans, drawing on the life breath of her own creatures which will remain on this earth long after we have vacated it, knowing as they do, the importance of living with and not against or in abuse of that which is provided in every pore of the earth, the ocean and the skies above for their ongoing survival. 

Humans as an entire race need to recognise, accept, prepare for and once again re-adapt our life-style to nature‘s own or we are doomed to continually and repeatedly suffer at the hands of shifting climatic bursts which literally dictate the kind of world we must live in.  The seasonal cycles and climatic change is where life begins and that is where our focus as a race should therefore also begin. It doesn’t matter what we think we want from this world, how secure we feel in the man-made, money structured shell we have created for ourselves, or how very superior we act as a people; mother nature will always find a way to remind us that we belong to her and not the other way around. She will continually remind us of this fact until we get it right.  The way we live needs to change; we need to prepare and adapt our lives in order to live with nature, instead of against or in spite of it.  We will know when we have got it right because it is not nature or the weather that will change and adapt to us, but rather the impact these climatic bursts have on our lifestyle will be minimal, if extent at all. 

Mother nature is no different to any human mother.  She is fickle, unpredictable, nurturing, overbearing and will have her way regardless of what we think we might intend to do with our lives.  She will never change, therefore, in order to live the life you want to live, the way you wish to live it, you must adapt, or find yourself evicted from her life and ‘cut off‘ for good.  Sadly, when mother nature cuts one off for good, it is final.  Unlike with your own mother, there can never be a phone-call to say, ‘I’m wrong, I’m sorry, can we start again?’  Mother nature grants us but one chance, one life in which to get it right – and get it right the first time.

It is mother nature herself and the very weather she brings which dictates the life we live and how we shall move about our daily business today, yesterday and in the years to come.  Until we stop struggling against nature and work with her, we will continue to suffer at the hands of her fickle ways.  This is something which we either elect to forget or simply ignore.  It is not for us to say; this is not normal and create panic amongst ourselves.  This approach serves nothing.  It is for us to observe, to remember, to switch our focus as a race and to say; we are stupid and have got it wrong… what must we do now to make it right?  We must change our attitudes, the way we think and approach our lives on both a small and massive scale.  We must apply all that we have learned to date about the natural world we live in, in preparation today for what we will then know is coming tomorrow.  This is just the first step; the very beginning which could, if maintained and sustained by each of us, lead to ultimate change for the better for all mankind as we move with and in support of seasonal change.

If all of this is a little too much to comprehend or believe, do pause momentarily upon this thought; regardless of what each of us do in the lives we claim to treasure so dearly, we shall all end up, eventually, in our time, as either dust or ashes in the air or earth, worm food or fish bait.  There is no escaping this fact; there is no escaping mother nature, particularly not in death and as we will all be returning to her arms eventually, in one form or another, no matter what your creed, belief or religion, why not embrace her with open arms in life and grant for ourselves and each other an existence that is worthy of our time on this planet.

Lady Opine.

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